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OWI Weather Sensors
Our original research resulted in a series of weather sensors with unprecedented accuracy and reliability. In the years following we have refined and enhanced our analysis techniques. Combined with added features and improved electronics, our weather sensors now offer the most value for you - ever.
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OWI-650 Present Weather and Visibility Sensors
The basic OWI design made smaller, with lower power requirements. Originally designed for military use requiring portability and quick setup, it now forms the core of our LPAWOS system. It can be powered by battery, solar panel, or conventional AC

OWI-432 Present Weather and Visibility Sensor
An enhanced version of the OWI-430 offering the same outstanding performance with the capability of handling input from additional sensors. With the feature-packed control unit, it makes our MAWOS system the most cost - effective in the world.
OWI-430 Present Weather and Visibility Sensor
Measures visibility and detects and quantifies rain, snow, drizzle, freezing and mixed precipitation conditions. Our basic OWI featuring the adaptive algorithm software, DSP-based analysis, sturdy performance, and accuracy our customers have come to expect as the norm.
HazMet-100 HazMet-100 Portable Weather Station
Designed to be used in the event of a hazardous chemical release or other environmental emergency. With EPA’s ALOHA dispersion modeling program, HazMet-100 can be deployed and transmitting data within minutes. With optional LP-WIVIS it can be easily transformed into a portable weather station..
VIS430 VIS-430 Visibility Sensor
A state-of-the-art triple aperture, forward scatter visibility sensor. As all our optical sensors, VIS-430 does not require calibration. The VIS-430 is ideal for Road Weather Information Systems as well as Airport Automated Weather Observing Systems when present weather information is not required.
ORG-815 Optical Rain Gauge
Our original rain/precipitation sensor also benefits from our later design enhancements, providing the user with minute-by minute precipitation rate and accumulation data.
APG-815-DS APG-815-DS All Precipitation Gauge
APG offers enhanced ability to measure rain and snow with advanced algorithms to automatically determine the precipitation type, rate, and water equivalent accumulation. The APG is vastly superior to traditional type sensors and offers the reliability and proven performance you need!
HIP-100 Hail and Ice Precipitation Sensor
An add-on to OWI systems for colder climates. The HIP-100 sensor measures the micro-impacts acoustically. The resulting information is included in the OWI data output.

LOA-005 Optical Anemometer

LOA-005 Wind Speed and Air Turbulence Sensor
An outgrowth of our weather sensor technology, the LOA-005 is capable of detecting wind movement and air turbulence anywhere within it's 10 Km range; an invaluable tool wherever absolute accuracy in measuring air mass movement is required.



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