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OSI is a member of HMEI the HydroMeteorological Equipment Industry Association
HazMet Rapid Response to Environmental Hazard HazMet-100 for Rapid Deployment
 • Reports wind, temperature, RH, barometric pressure - and more
 • EPA Cameo/Aloha data format standard
 • Built-in electronic compass
 • AC, battery, or solar powered
 • Lightweight, rugged design
 • Deploys in under five minutes
 • Spread spectrum radio
 • Low maintenance
 • Built-in self-diagnostics & testing
 • Operates unattended independently - or networked
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HazMet - 100
This 100% portable system is an atmospheric sensor station designed to be used in the event of a hazardous chemical release or other environmental emergency. Especially configured to work with EPA’s ALOHA dispersion modeling program, HazMet-100 can be deployed and transmitting atmospheric data to a distant monitoring base within minutes. With optional LP-WIVIS it can be easily transformed into a complete portable weather station.
Partial List of Specifications  
Parameter Data 
Wind Sensor Ultrasonic
Wind Speed Threshold 0.02 mph  
Wind Speed Range 0 - 90 mph
Wind Speed Resolution 0.2 mph 
Wind Direction Threshold 0.02 mph 
Wind Direction Range 0 - 360 degrees
Wind Direction Resolution 0.1 degrees
Temperature Solid State
Accuracy 0.6 F
Range -40 to 131 F
Resolution 0.1 F
Relative Humidity Capacitive
Accuracy + 4% 10-95%
Resolution  1% 
Barometric PressureSolid State  
Accuracy +0.03 inHg
Accuracy   8.86 -32.5 inHg
Resolution  0.003 inHg 
GPS Accuracy  3 Meters 
Solid State Compass  1 degree static 
Power Requirement  9 to 40 VDC   <90ma@12VDC
Operational Temperature  -40 -131 F 
To download a brochure with complete specs click here

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