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OWV-300 Optical Wind and Visibility Sensor

OWV-300 is a breakthrough in measuring turbulence, large body air/wind movement and atmospheric visibility over a long path (50 to 200 meters) – all in a single, low cost sensor. The sensor operates on a combination of long path optical extinction and optical scintillation.
  Delivers transmissometer performance without transmissometer cost
Able to differentiate between fog / haze and dust / smoke
Provides 1D/2D or 3D wind movement data and turbulence (CN²) strength
Can be used in Wake Vortex detection systems
Rugged, all-weather design: designed for harsh conditions
Built-in self-diagnostics & testing

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HazMet is a slimmed-down version of our MAWOS developed for rapid deployment in the event of an accident where hazardous chemical or biological contaminants are released into the air. This basic battery-powered system reports wind, temperature, RH, barometric pressure and more. Here's partial list of features:
EPA Cameo/Aloha Data Format
Built in GPS with electronic compass
Battery or AC Powered; Solar power options available
Small, light weight, rugged, & easily deployed in under five minutes.
Spread spectrum radio included
Operates unattended with virtually no maintenance
Built-in self-diagnostics & testing
LPAWOS and solar power options easily added
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LLM-100 Laser Level Meter
Our customer asked for an economical, and precisely accurate instrument to measure levels in industrial storage tank, large commerical process bins, and agricultural silos - and we delivered. Taking our expertise in optical sensing instruments, we developed the LLM-100 to provide superior measurement capacity at low cost. At the same time, we designed the controller to support up to four separate sensors. As all our sensors, it is easy to install, needs almost no maintenance, and is equipped with continuous self-diagnostics.
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