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OFS-2000 Series Optical Flow Sensor

In 1999 we took the optical tracking techniques developed from the LOA Long-baseline Optical Anemometer,and applied them on a smaller scale. Result:
The most accurate air/gas flow sensor ever - OFS 2000

Now OFS 2000 sensors can accept smart temperature and pressure sensor input to measure mass or volumetric flow. This feature can be built-in, or retrofitted to any OFS, either in our facility - or on site.

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 OFS 2000R OFS-2000R
For industrial steam lines. Extended range with AGC to optimize the response based on the steam level. Measurement is not dependent on differential pressure, design DP, beta ratio, temperature, gas composition, humidity or the speed of sound.
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Our most versatile flow sensor model. Equipped with AGC control to handle transient variation in flow opacity. Widely used for Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
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Specially developed as a flare gas monitor where expanded velocity scale, wider flow media temperature range, and quicker response time are required. Meets EPA 40 C.F.R. Part 60 Subpart Ja
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The basic stack air flow velocity sensor for use in just about every CEMS industrial application where it can fit. Robust  accurate, reliable, low-maintenance, and requires no calibration.
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LOA-105 Optical Anemometer - Industrial LOA-105
Before OFS, there was LOA - with a 3Km range developed for industrial use to handle large interior areas. Used world-wide to monitor aluminum smelting pot rooms. It's superior accuracy and resistance to harsh environments make it the sensor of choice.
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