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OSI FAA-certified Automated Weather Observation Systems (AWOS AV)
Ten years ago OSI expanded from simply producing weather sensors to building modular AWOS Systems.(MAWOS).
We are now proud to offer AWOS AV, fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.
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AWOS_AV The OSI AWOS AV™ system is a fully automated aviation weather observing and reporting system designed to support airborne and ground users. This FAA-certfied AWOS is equipped with dual-pressure sensors and visibility sensors for determining official altimeter settings, visibility, and reporting via FCC-licensed UHF data radio, Internet, land line or cell phones.
A basic OSI AWOS AV™ system consists of:
     FAA-approved barometric pressure sensors
     FAA-approved visibility sensor.

It can be enhanced with:
     Wind speed/direction sensor
     Temperature sensor
     Humidity sensors
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A full OSI AWOS AV™ system calculates the altimeter setting, density altitude, condensation altitude, dew point - and can report the prevailing and gust wind components for pre-programmed runway headings.

With OSI AV software and a Digital Data Receiver (DDR), tower weather telemetry and any NOTAMs are communicated by broadcast audio on a pilot-activated VHF frequency or an Endless Loop Dedicated Frequency (ELDF) on a specified VHF frequency; or by viewing the operator's terminal display in the FBO location, Internet and dialup voice modem options allow remote user access from anywhere on earth

OSI Modular Automated Weather Observation Systems (MAWOS)

OSI Modular Automated Weather Observation Systems (MAWOS)

After almost thirty years of developing weather sensors - we now offer complete integrated weather stations.
Long a favorite with NWS, WMO, system integrators and meteorological departments around the world, OSI’s OWI-432 optical present weather & visibility sensor is now a key sensor in our Modular Automated Weather Observation Systems.

OWI-432 sensors now have expanded processing power to handle added sensor inputs, and  enhanced communications options for network, cell phone, and VHF interface,

MAWOS is available in FAA II P / III P configurations.

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Low-Power Automated Weather Observation Systems

OSI Low-Power Automated Weather Observation Systems (LPAWOS)

portable system built around the OWI-650 weather sensor. Designed from the ground up for easy deployment anywhere, it's low power requirements make it well suited for portable battery and solar powered applications.

OWI-650 is more than just a sensor, it's a system. No separate data acquisition system is required for additional sensors. Typical systems include wind speed/direction, barometric pressure, and temperature/ humidity sensors. OSI’s patented adaptive algorithms use artificial-intelligence derived from over 25 years and over 200 million field hours of real-world data.

Implementing a portable automated weather station with weather identification and visibility sensor capability has never been easier or as cost-effective.

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