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Sales - Optical Flow Sensors

   Northeast New England / Mid Atlantic States



J. J.  Wilbur Company

Maine John Wilbur

5 Northern Blvd.
Unit 14
Amherst, NH  03031

Tel:  603 880 7100
Fax: 630 880 3157
E mail: johnw@jjwilbur.com
Massachusetts J.J. Wilbur Company
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Connecticut Erik J. Mallory

144 Woodruff Road
Farmington, CT 06032

Tel:  860 677 5017
Fax:  860 667 5053
E mail: erikm@jjwilbur.com
Maryland J.J. Wilbur Company
New Jersey
New York

OSI Sales Department

Pennsylvania Shawn Taylor
Optical Scientific, Inc.
2 Metropolitan Court
Suite 6
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Tel: 301 963 3630 xt 301 Fax: 301 948 4674
E mail: envirosales@opticalscientific.com
(Western) OSI Optical Flow Sensor Sales


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